Paul Penna is an aspiring comic book writer who in May, 2015 was announced as one of the Writing Runners-Up in Top Cow’s annual Talent Hunt. He is currently working on a backup strip for the ‘IXth Generation’ which will be published through Image.

Paul has previously been published in the small press in such magazines and anthologies as FutureQuake, Something Wicked, SPOD! Oddities From Space and 100% Biodegradable.

There are many more aspiring creators out there, and this blog exists to give them insight into how they too might break into the industry, as well as providing research and information that could also prove useful.

This blog will also continue to feature updates on project which Paul Penna is working on, as well as articles on continuity and the comic book industry in general.


  1. Nick · March 18, 2017

    Hello Paul,

    I’m a writer aspiring to work in comics and often wonder if I’ve overlooked any contests or opportunities. The ones I know of are Millarworld, Top cow, and the DC workshop. I haven’t explored many small publishers yet, only FutureQuake. Might you recommend any other notable competitions or publishers? Congratulations to your previous success by the way, I hope it opened doors for you 🙂




    • Paul Penna · March 18, 2017

      It’s still early days. CYBERFORCE: ARTIFACTS #0 was only published back in December, so now I’m trying to team up with artists to generate projects. It’s tough, though.

      Artists are busy people, so even if you’re a good writer, who has proven yourself, a lot of the time it’s going to be really difficult to find people who want to work with you.

      I’d recommend looking through my previous posts, as I try to direct people toward opportunities.

      The ones that immediately come to mind are Darby Pop’s Talent Hunt (they’ve had three so far, although none are currently running) and Alterna Comics IF Anthology – which is currently accepting submissions.

      However, you do need to team up with an artist for Alterna Comics.

      Good luck with the writing. Keep trying, remember, you only fail when you give up. So, keep going and keep getting better.



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