Kobold Warren on the Dungeon Masters Guild

Dungeon Masters Guild

Dungeon Masters Guild

Howdy folks. As you know, in the gaps between my comic book projects, I’ve also started writing some Dungeons & Dragons products. The Dungeon Masters Guild allows people to upload their own adventures and supplements for the Dungeons & Dragons game.

I’ve submitted Kobold Warren through the Dungeons Masters Guild. You can find and download it here; https://www.dmsguild.com/product/294269/Kobold-Warren-5e

As with the last thing I wrote for the Guild, this product has a suggested price, but you can pick it up for free.

This is another adventure for low level characters. If you enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons, I hope you check it out.

Comichaus #12

Comichaus #12

Comichaus #12

Comichaus is a British anthology comic book featuring a number of short strips. Comichaus is, of course, put out by https://www.comichaus.com/ which is a digital marketplace for indie comic books.

Issue #12 will be coming out this weekend at Thought Bubble Comic Con (November the 9th) and will then receive a general release on November the 11th.

You can find it online here; https://www.comichaus.com/comics/comichaus/204836.htm?fbclid=IwAR01yq9w53jZVyu6lKUEc1JoC6HIODlYdMzW3NiyIISOcagTMsTAQa7jcM0

And why am I talking about Comichaus? Well, Comichaus #12 will feature a strip by myself and Dave Peloe titled ‘Ascension’.

I’m really excited to be involved with Comichaus and to see the strip in-print.

I hope some of you guys decide to pick it up, either at Thought Bubble Comic Con, or after the weekend when it goes on sale elsewhere.

Rolled & Told returns in 2020

Rolled & Told returns in 2020

Rolled & Told returns in 2020

It has recently been announced that Rolled & Told, the Dungeons & Dragons magazine released by publisher Lion Forge Comics, will be returning in the Fall of 2020.

With the end of Volume 1, fans were afraid that the series would not continue, but it appears that the series is only going on a temporary hiatus and will return.

If you haven’t picked it up, the first collected edition is already out and the second hardcover, which finishes collecting Volume 1, is coming out on November the 19th.

Rolled & Told is a series put out under the Quillion imprint at Lion Forge. It includes adventures that can be used with Dungeons & Dragons, and articles about the game.

Submissions are still open on the website here; https://www.rolledandtold.com/submissions/

If you want to submit, you’ll likely need some experience writing for tabletop role-playing games. This could potentially be gained through publishing on the Dungeon Masters Guild.

It is rare for a comic book company to have open submissions, and while this isn’t exactly comic book writing, it does present an unusual opportunity for writers.

I’ve written a few more articles about Dungeons & Dragons on this blog, so if you are unfamiliar with the hobby, you should easily be able to find out more by looking through what I’ve already written.

I understand the desire to succeed at the one thing you’re passionate about, but it can be a lot of fun to flex some different creative muscles, and the truth is, you’re more likely to succeed as a comic book writer, if you’re not just a comic book writer.

Expanding your horizons and doing different things will make you more likely to succeed as a writer, so this really is a great opportunity.