Thought Bubble 2019

Thought Bubble 2019

Thought Bubble 2019

Thought Bubble Comic Con returns on the 9th and 10th of November this year. Traditionally based in Leeds, it has now made the move to Harrogate.

As in previous years, 2000AD will be running a competition for one writer and one artist to be published by them. You can find details on the competition here;

The page has a sample script titled “The Ticket” for artists to draw. As an artist, you then submit your artwork on the Saturday and a winner will be picked on the Sunday.

For the writers, you have the chance to stand up in front of an audience and make a 2 minute pitch for a 2000AD Future Shock story. This is a science fiction short story with a twist ending. The event will be first come, first served.  It is happening at 15.10 to 16.00 on the Saturday. As in previous years, not everyone will get a chance to pitch, so turn up early. If you want to write for 2000AD, this is your chance.

Vault Comics will also be doing portfolio reviews on Saturday and Sunday. It doesn’t say whether this is for artists or writers, but I suspect that it is aimed at artists. More information about the portfolio reviews and other events can be found on the event page;

Check out the Thought Bubble website here;

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