Lion Forge Comics

Lion Forge Comics

Lion Forge Comics

Lion Forge has been in the press a lot this last week, after it was announced that it would be merging with Oni Press.

Lion Forge mostly focuses on publishing creator owned books, with its mission statement to promote diverse voices.

It also has its own superhero universe called Catalyst Prime and it publishes a Dungeons & Dragons magazine called Rolled & Told.

Lion Forge does allow submissions through their website here;

Also, Rolled & Told does accept submission for module and article writers. You need to have examples of previous work, demonstrating that you can write in this area. The submissions page can be found here;

However, the merger has put a lot of the future of these titles in question. There have been a lot of layoffs at the company, including the editor of Rolled & Told – Christina “Steenz” Stewart. This is a real shame, as she was encouraging a lot of new writers to submit to Rolled & Told (something which you don’t see enough of in the industry). It is currently unknown if the title will continue without her at the helm.

Lion Forge has been criticized for letting go of a lot of these editors, since they were responsible for bringing in the diverse voices that Lion Forge tries to promote.

Still, both Lion Forge and Oni Press have done good work in the past, and we can only hope that they come out the other side of this merger as a more stable entity.

The submissions page over at the Lion Forge website is still open, and if you’re a writer or an artist trying to break into the industry, then submitting to Lion Forge certainly won’t hurt. Maybe there will be a delay in looking at projects, but with any luck they will be able to look through submissions when things have settled down over there.

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