Kobold Hall on the Dungeon Masters Guild

Dungeon Masters Guild

Dungeon Masters Guild

Well folks, I’ve made an attempt at writing an adventure for Dungeons & Dragons. In my previous blog posts I’ve discussed the different ways that you can write for Dungeons & Dragons and publish your work.

I’ve submitted Kobold Hall through the Dungeons Masters Guild. You can find and download it here; https://www.dmsguild.com/product/274671/Kobold-Hall-5e

It has a suggested price, but you can pick it up for free, if you like.

The Dungeon Masters Guild allows you to self-publish something you’ve written and put it up for sale through the website. There are literally thousands of publications available through the DMs Guild now.

The website is worth checking out, and I hope you take a look at the adventure that I’ve written as well.

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