The Good Fight Kickstarter

The Good Fight Anthology

The Good Fight Anthology

The Good Fight Anthology Kickstarter went live today! You can find it here;

Please click the link and go pledge your support.

The Good Fight Anthology was originally conceived as a reaction to the violence in Charlottesville, North Carolina.

It has since evolved into a commentary on the ongoing struggle against racism, hate and bigotry.

I’m really proud to have contributed a story to this, to have a chance to support a good cause, alongside a lot of other really talented creators.

I didn’t have grand designs when I first attempted to break into comic books. I love writing and I just wanted to tell some fun stories. However, being gay I have been unfortunate enough to encounter bigotry from time to time. If I can use my skills as a writer to help, even if I’m only helping in a small way, then I would have done something truly worthwhile.

All post-campaign money will be donated to The Southern Poverty Law Center, where it can hopefully do a lot of good.

The Kickstarter will be running until December 12th. I hope that if you follow my blog that you will go lend your support and make this Kickstarter a success.

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