Thought Bubble 2018 and 2000AD Pitching


New writers for 2000AD are required to write ‘Future Shocks’.

This year the Thought Bubble Comic Con returns again on 22nd and 23rd of September. The festival takes place in Leeds.

The Thought Bubble website is here;

As with previous years, the Comic Con is hosting a 2000AD pitching session. The writers session takes place on the Saturday and the artist part takes place on the Sunday.

While artists submit artwork to be reviewed, writers instead are given the chance to go on stage a pitch in front of an audience. You have two minutes to make your pitch for a Future Shock strip.

The Future Shock strips are four pages long and are science fiction. They have a twist ending. You are required to write a pitch, not the script.

The link to the 2000AD competitions is here;

As with previous years; the pitching session is first come, first served.

This is the fourth year that the pitching competition is running and I attended the second and third year, so I speak from experience when I say that if you want to pitch, you need to get there early.

For me, the first time around, getting there an hour early sufficed, but last year there was already a queue hours before. Getting there an hour early allowed me to pitch, but only just. So, if you want to pitch an idea, get there as early as you can.

Whether you’re an artist or a writer, and you’re going to enter this year, then I wish you luck.

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