To Blog or Not to Blog?


A Tivian from the comic book ‘Conqueror’ by Paul Penna and Kean Kennedy

Hello all. As you may have noticed over the past few months, the updates to this blog have been a little haphazard.

I update the blog when I can, but I am often kept busy with my day job or actual writing. Although, should I come across any useful information for aspiring writers or artists, I do try to add it here.

While I will still be making those updates whenever I come across useful information that I can share, I’m also going to make the effort to release at least one new blog post at the start of each month.

This will not be on a specific subject, as per usual I’m going to relate useful information I find, share my own personal experiences of trying to break into the industry, discuss my own writing and write posts on comic book continuity (since I am a massive continuity geek).

It is my hope that this will encourage people to check in at the start of the month and become regular visitors to the blog.

Hopefully people will not only find the information I relate interesting, but it will ultimately help them with their own creative endeavors.

If I’m able to help even one person get a little closer to achieving their dreams, then that makes this all worth it.