9 Panels & Glasgow Comic Con 2018

9 Panels

9 Panels

Hello all. It’s been a while since I’ve done an update, as it has been a tough few months but I’m still here and I’m still writing.

This weekend is the second comic con that I’m going to this year; the excellent Glasgow Comic Con.

Here is the link to their website; http://www.glasgowcomiccon.com/

If you live in Scotland, I highly recommend going.

It starts off today with the 9 Panel industry event, which has a number of panels for aspiring writers and artists, and also presents the opportunity to pitch to Comichaus, Knight Errant Press, BHP Comics, Markosia/Orang Utan Comics and Zuiker Press.

Editor Dave Elliot of Atomeka will also be doing portfolio reviews.

Never underestimate the importance of meeting editors.

There will also be a chance to meet other writers and artists. Finding new collaborators is a great way to get new projects off the ground. You should always find ways to network at these events.

The comic con proper is held on Saturday, so if you’re a fan, that’s the day to head along.

Hopefully it’s going to be a fun and productive weekend.

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