Alterna Comics – It Came Out on a Wednesday

It Came Out on a Wednesday

It Came Out on a Wednesday

This week Alterna Comics announced the launch of a new comic book series called It Came Out on a Wednesday.

This series is going to be a bi-monthly anthology.

If you have a 12 page completed strip which is suitable for teens/young adults, then you can submit it to this new anthology on the Alterna Comics submissions page.

12 pages is the maximum, there is no minimum page requirement.

Color or black and white will be accepted.

That means that writers and artists need to team up if they want to submit something.

Alterna Comics are looking for Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories.

The work is unpaid, but creative teams will receive 100 complimentary copies for strips 6 pages and under, and 150 complimentary copies for strips which are 7 pages or more.

So, if you’re an upcoming creator looking to exhibit at a comic con, this is perfect for you.

A short story competition will also be running with the winner getting a $20 gift card.

Details can be found on the Alterna Comics website;

The Oral History of Image Comics

Image Comics

Image Comics

While I’m sure most people coming onto this blog will be aware of Image Comics and it’s history, some may not be, or at least, might not know the details.

If you want to be a comic book writer or an artist, then it’s important to know the history of the industry and the different companies that you might want to work for.

Syfy Wire recently did a short web documentary series on the foundation of Image Comics and it’s history.

It’s free to watch. You can find it here;

It’s a good series with a great set of interviews with those that were involved. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about Image Comics.

Aces Weekly – Projections

Aces Weekly

Aces Weekly

Aces Weekly is an ongoing online British anthology series created by David Lloyd, who is probably best known for illustrating V For Vendetta.

The website can be found here;

Aces Weekly is subscription based and costs just £1 a week.

Recently Ace Weekly has featured my strip “Projections” in a slightly altered form from when it was originally published in FutureQuake.

You can find “Projections” in Aces Weekly Volume 30, Week 7;

Alterna Comics – IF Anthology Horror

Alterna Comics

Alterna Comics

Submissions are now open for the Alterna Comics IF Anthology for 2018. This will be the fourth installment of the black and white anthology.

The theme for this year is HORROR.

The maximum page found is 16 pages and there is no minimum.

The early deadline will be on May 1st, 2018.

The final deadline is on June 1st, 2018.

The IF Anthology accepts only completed strips, so that means that writers need to team up with artists.

Further details can be found on the submissions page here;

We also know that the IF Anthology for 2019 will have the theme of HOPE. The information was included as part of a previous Kickstarter.

Here it is;

So, if you want to start thinking ahead, then you can. The submissions guidelines for 2019 should match up with the guidelines for 2018.