Cyber Force Rebirth: Artifacts, Vol. 3

Cyber Force Rebirth: Artifacts, Vol. 3

Cyber Force Rebirth: Artifacts, Vol. 3

To coincide with the relaunch of Cyber Force in March, Image Comics/Top Cow Productions are releasing the Cyber Force Rebirth: Artifacts, Vol. 3 trade paperback. This will be followed by Cyber Force Rebirth Vol. 4 later in the year.

Cyber Force Rebirth: Artifacts, Vol. 3 mainly collects the first half of the free Cyber Force: Artifacts series which was released on Line Webtoon (the second half to be released in Volume 4), but as a bonus they are also including the material from the Cyber Force: Artifacts #0 one shot which featured stories written by Kelly Bender, Camilla Zhang and, you guessed it, me.

My contribution was an eight page story titled “Weaponeer” which starred Aphrodite IV and was illustrated by Jim Towe.

To see my work reprinted in a trade paperback is really exciting news and more than I could’ve hoped for, as Talent Hunt stories usually haven’t been collected.

Here is the link to information about the trade paperback on the Image Comics website;

I did wonder when I was told that the one shot featuring my story would be titled ‘Cyber Force: Artifacts’ if some sort of link would be made to the Line Webtoon series.

Originally the three Talent Hunt stories were to be used as backup strips and when the plan was made to gather them together in a one shot, it was going to be called ‘Cyber Force: Cyberdata’.

This later changed to ‘Cyber Force: Artifacts’.

I was aware that there were plans for the web series to be collected together in print, at the time I hoped that might mean my strip might end up getting reprinted too, but I wrote it off as wishful thinking, not ever really expecting for it to happen.

So, I am truly beyond happy at the news.

Cyber Force Rebirth: Artifacts, Vol. 3 is released in March. I hope if you’re reading this, that you pick it up.

Cyber Force Rebirth Vol. 1 and Cyber Force Rebirth Vol. 2 are already available at comic book shops and online.

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