Zarjaz #29

Zarjaz #29

Zarjaz #29

Back in November, Zarjaz #29 was released by FutureQuake Press. It included a strip titled ‘Ghosts of Mega-City One’ by yours truly.

If you’re unfamiliar with Zarjaz, it’s a 2000AD fanzine put out by FutureQuake Press, featuring the characters from that magazine.

2000AD is a British based comic book known for such characters as Judge Dredd.

‘Ghosts of Mega-City One’ is a Tales of Mega-City One strip, which is to say, that it is a strip set in the world of Judge Dredd, which doesn’t feature Dredd himself.

Here is the page for Zarjaz #29 on the FutureQuake website (you can also purchase the issue from here too);

Here are some posts on the FutureQuake blog which relate to Zarjaz #29 as well;

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