London Super Comic Con: Schedule

London Super Comic Con

London Super Comic Con

I’m eagerly awaiting the London Super Comic Con, which takes place on Friday the 25th, Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th of August.

If you live in the United Kingdom and you like comics, or like me, you want to break into writing comic books, then this is an event you simply can’t miss.

The schedule is up on the London Super Comic Con website;

I thought I’d take a look at it and share what I’m planning to get up to over the weekend.

London Super Comic Con Friday Schedule

London Super Comic Con Friday Schedule

I’m considering starting off Friday by going to the Orang Utan Comics panel (14.15 to 15.00). I’ve seen them set up at Cons before and it would be good to learn more about them and their titles.

Afterward, I’m going to be queuing up early for the Brian Michael Bendis Masterclass (16.15 to 18.15). It’s a bit frustrating that the first Valiant panel is on at the same time, but the Masterclass is the main reason that I’m heading down to the convention.

I’ve already got my ticket for the Masterclass. I really can’t wait to hear all the knowledge that Mr. Bendis is going to be sharing with the attendees regarding writing and the business of comic books.

Afterwards there is a Breaking Into Comics panel (18.30 to 19.30) which is going to feature both Erica Schultz and Dan Slott. As someone who wants to get work in the industry, who wants to get talent scouted, this is a panel that I don’t want to miss.

London Super Comic Con Saturday Schedule

London Super Comic Con Saturday Schedule

I will be returning on Saturday and handing in my Script Portfolio first thing. While portfolios are getting reviewed on the Friday as well, with all the other panels I want to attend, I simply won’t be free during those review slots.

The first panel I’ll be going to this day is the Diversity In Comics panel (11.30 to 12.30). As someone who is gay, diversity in the medium is of course something which is important to me, so this is a panel I feel the need to attend.

That will be followed by the DC Rebirth panel (12.30 to 13.30), which as the only DC Comics panel at the show, is something I’d like to go to if I can manage it.

Afterward I hope that I will be able to attend the Valiant panel (13.45 to 14.45) and the Bendis: Streets of Marvel panel (15.00 to 16.00). However, if I am able to get my portfolio reviewed, then it will overlap with one of these events.

I primarily go to Comic Cons because they provide an opportunity to network and learn more about my craft. Yes, I am a fan and yes, I love comics, but as someone who wants to build a career writing, that needs to take priority.

London Super Comic Con Sunday Schedule

London Super Comic Con Sunday Schedule

The last day of the London Super Comic Con will be Sunday, and while I expect that I’ll be completely exhausted by this time, I still plan on having a packed and fun filled day.

My first stop will be the Comics and Education panel (11.00 to 12.00). With such guests as Erica Schultz, Dave Gibbons, Dan Slott and more, this should be a really interesting and informative panel.

Next up is the Emerging Creators panel (12.15 to 13.15), which is another panel about building a career in the industry, so this is something I must attend. You never know what advice you might pick up, that might help you move from being an aspiring creator to a working professional.

Lastly, after taking a break to wander around the Con and relax (or possibly collapse), I’ll be going to the Reimagining Spider-Man panel (14.45 to 15.45) or should that be Re-imagining Spider-Man panel? You have two of the biggest creators working on Spider-Man at the moment – Slott and Bendis, at the Con, so it will be interesting hearing what they have to say about Marvel’s biggest character.

It’s going to be an absolutely massive weekend. I hope that I’m going to have a lot of fun and come away even more inspired than before.

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