London Super Comic Con: Portfolio Reviews

London Super Comic Con

London Super Comic Con

London Super Comic Con is on this coming weekend, and as part of the line-up, they’ve announced that they’re holding portfolio reviews.

Now, this is common at a lot of Comic Cons for artists, but London Super Comic Con has announced that they’re going to be holding Script Portfolio Reviews as well.

Script Portfolio Reviews will be done by Kieron Gillen and Erica Schultz.

Now, while it’s fairly obvious and common knowledge what is required from an Art Portfolio, for a Script Portfolio, there is a bit of uncertainty.

Firstly, let’s examine what London Super Comic Con asks for.

Here’s their web-page on the subject;

Firstly, if you’re successful in getting your portfolio reviewed, the reviewer will be allocated.

So, at most, you will only get a single review.

You are also asked to bring a copy of your Script Portfolio, as your original likely won’t be returned to you.

Bringing two copies with you is easily done.

You are also required to include your contact details on the front page of your portfolio. Your name and mobile number.

This is so, if you are successful in getting a review slot, that the organizers can contact you and let you know.

It looks like they’ll be doing this early in the day, before the panels start.

You need to hand your portfolio in by 13.30 on Friday or by 10.30 on Saturday to be eligible for a review.

If you’re successful in securing a review spot, you will be called and asked to pick your ticket up from the LSCC Information Desk.

Here is a schedule for the Portfolio Reviews. You can see the review slots for writers and artists;

LSCC Signing and Portfolio Reviews

LSCC Signings and Portfolio Reviews

Artists will have a chance to have their work looked at by Valiant, Markosia, Humanoids and Dan Slott.

Unlike with the script reviews, artists are just required to turn up at the appropriate time. First come, first served.

Now, one thing not made clear by London Super Comic Con, is exactly what the contents of a Script Portfolio should be.

The name suggests it should include scripts, but Dan Slott made the point on Twitter that it’s a bad idea for writers to look at unpublished work as it could lead to legal trouble for them.

Likewise, Erica Schultz said she’d rather look at actual comic books.

Therefore, what I have decided to do is include actual comics as samples, and alongside them include the scripts for those projects.

Thus, even though I’m including script, they are all for already published works.

I think this is the best course of action to take under these circumstances, although since the information isn’t spelled out, I’d simply encourage people to do what they think is best.

Good luck this weekend, folks.

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