Ryan Cady Announced as a Winner for the next DC Talent Development Workshop

DC Comics

DC Comics

DC Comics recently announced the six writer winners who will be joining the next incarnation of their Talent Development Workshop.

This will be the third Writing Workshop run by DC Comics.

You can find the article on Bleeding Cool here; https://www.bleedingcool.com/2017/08/09/six-winners-dc-writers-workshop-class-2017-announced/

One of those names belongs to Ryan Cady who worked as an editor on CYBERFORCE: ARTIFACTS #0, the one shot I was lucky enough to have an eight page story feature in.

Ryan no longer works as an editor at Top Cow Productions, and is instead pursuing writing full-time.

Among his published works are ATHENA IX #1, MAGDALENA #1 to #4 and the BIG MOOSE one shot for Archie Comics.

Ryan was wonderful to work with as an editor and was also very active answering questions on the Official Top Cow Talent Hunt thread, a role he has resumed with the current Talent Hunt.

I can honestly say that, without him, I doubt I would’ve gotten a Runners-Up spot as part of the Talent Hunt.

He was a massive help to me and to others.

No one deserves this more than him, if you have a chance to pick up one of his comics, I would encourage you to do so.

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