London Super Comic Con: Brian Michael Bendis Masterclass

London Super Comic Con

London Super Comic Con

Just a reminder folks that London Super Comic Con is being held on this Friday/Saturday/Sunday.

That’s the 25th, the 26th and the 27th of August.

And if, like me, you live in the UK and want a career writing in comics, there’s a very special event that you won’t want to miss.

Brian Michael Bendis is hosting a 2 Hour Masterclass on the Friday and a 1 Hour Masterclass on the Saturday.

Yes, it costs a bit extra, but the opportunity to get career advice from one of the leading writers in the industry is something that no serious writer should be able to pass up.

You may fret about the extra cost, but compared to how much these kinds of Masterclasses usually cost, what’s being offered here is a bargain.

I’ve made a post saying how valuable a book Word For Pictures by Brain Michael Bendis is, and I’m certain that this will be equally worthwhile.

We’re being offered the opportunity to learn from a master, so if you live in the United Kingdom and you have any inclination toward writing comic books, this is an event you absolutely must attend.

The Friday Masterclass has already sold out, but there are still tickets left for the Masterclass on Saturday.

The link to buy tickets is here;

Here is some additional information on the Masterclasses;

I hope I see some of you folks down in London over the weekend.

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