Glasgow Comic Con and 9 Panels

9 Panels

9 Panels

The Glasgow Comic Con is coming on Saturday, the 1st of July. While it is usually held over two days, they’ve decided just to do one this year.

Which to my mind, is no bad thing. Often with British Comic Cons you go for two days but find that it was only worth coming for one, so I’m happy to have a single day packed with comic book goodness.

They have some great guests, if you’re looking for details, you can find them on the website;

If you’re based in Scotland, like I am, I recommend attending.

There is also an industry event on the previous day (Friday, the 30th of June) called 9 Panels. I attended 9 Panels last year and I’m intending to go again this year.

You can find more information here;

If you’re attending a comic con, and you’re an aspiring comic book creator, it’s always worth checking to see if there are any industry events surrounding the con, but outside of the normal schedule.

These events present you with an opportunity to get tips from pros, meet publishers (even if they’re only small ones) and to get to know other aspiring creators too.

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