Breaking Into Comics: Side-Kicked

Side-Kicked #2

Side-Kicked #2

The people over at Darby Pop Publishing are at it again. Their first Breaking Into Comics competition produced the Indestructible: Stingray #1 one shot, their second resulted in The Women of Darby Pop anthology.

Now they’re at it for a third time, focusing on their Side-Kicked property.

You can find all the details here;

Writers and artists are welcome to enter.

There will be two strips produced, each eleven pages long.

These will be made available digitally, before being included in the physical release of the new Side-Kicked trade paperback.

Writers must write a script featuring either the first meeting or first mission (or both) of either Atalanta and her sidekick Frostbite or Flying Fox and his side-kick Jolt.

More information is available on these characters via a .pdf which you can download from the competition page.

I recommend keeping an eye on Darby Pop, as I’m sure they’ll be running a fourth Breaking Into Comics competition either later this year or next year.

The deadline this time around is the 10th of February, 2017.