On Wednesday the 28th of December, 2016 the one shot CYBERFORCE: ARTIFACTS #0 went on sale around the world.

I must say, it’s quite something, walking into your local comic book shop and seeing your book on the shelves.

It’s really an amazing feeling. It’s a little unreal.

Reviews of the book have been mostly favourable. The stories were described as quick reads, as being fun – which was really important to me, that the story should be fun.

Folk seemed to like the villain; Lord Sengh.

And what I found really rewarding was that one reviewer pointed out how clearly different Aphrodite IV’s personality was, compared to Aphrodite IX.

That there was a directness to her.

Which is what I was going for. When Aphrodite IV has a mission, she’ll accomplish it by the most direct and effective method available to her.

The only way that the one shot was really criticized, is that the stories were quick reads. They were not deep and had a fast pace.

Which I can understand, but when you’re writing an eight page story, you’re not going to end up creating the next WATCHMEN. Could the stories have been very slightly deeper than they were? Absolutely. But that wasn’t the mandate I was given.

I was asked to be new reader friendly and to keep things simple.

Which I think I accomplished.

Is that going to be what everyone wanted from a CYBERFORCE story? Of course not. I like complicated stories as well. So, for anyone who came into the book wanting something else, and didn’t get it, I can totally appreciate that criticism.

However, I would encourage people to judge the stories on what they are, rather than what they would’ve liked them to be.

And you know, I did manage to sneak some continuity stuff into Weaponeer for the fans. A new reader won’t pick up on any of it, which is by design, however hopefully there are things within the story that longtime readers will pick up on and appreciate.

CYBERFORCE: ARTIFACTS #0 is still out in the shops. If you see it, then pick up a copy. And to anyone who has already, thank you, I hope it was an enjoyable read.

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