Here it is. Solicited at last.

CYBERFORCE: ARTIFACTS #0 featuring an eight page story by yours truly. This is, understandably, a very exciting time for me.

There are many comic book fans out there, who like me, dream about breaking into the comic book industry. To write some of the iconic characters which we’ve grown up reading. And now, at last, I’ve had that chance.

You can find Image Comics Solicitations for December 2016 here;

Here is the page featuring CYBERFORCE: ARTIFACTS #0;


Preview Page

There’s my name. Paul Penna. That is truly incredible.

There is proof right there that if you dream big enough and try hard enough, that you really can succeed.

There is even some text for my story; Someone is dealing in Protocol tech, and it’s up to APHRODITE IV to stop them dead.

I was paired with the brilliantly talented Jim Towe as my artist, so I encourage you to pick the story up even if it’s just to marvel at his artwork.

The book is out on the 28th of December.

If you want a digital copy of CYBERFORCE: ARTIFACTS #0 then it is now up for pre-order on Comixology;