Hallowscream! is an online anthology in it’s eighth year. It’s available for download, but you can also get physical copies from lulu.com.

The anthology features scary stories, although nothing graphic or adult in nature.

Completed strips are preferred , but writers and artists can also contact the anthology separately and be teamed up.

Strips can be 1 to 7 pages in length.

The anthology is entirely non-profit.

Full submissions guidelines can be found here; http://www.backfromthedepths.co.uk/thetheatreofterror/2016/blah/hallowscream-2016-evil-eighth-issue-submission-guidelines/

The deadline for text and script submissions is Sunday the 31st of July.  For artwork, it is Monday the 17th of October and completed strips must be submitted no later than Monday the 24th of October.

Good luck, folks.

Not Forgotten Anthology

'Not Forgotten', an anthology featuring public domain superheroes.

‘Not Forgotten’, an anthology featuring public domain superheroes.

Today, superheroes are defined by the Big Two. Marvel and DC Comics. Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman.

But there were a number of comic book companies that, like Marvel and DC, got their start in the late thirties/early forties. Quality Comics, Lev Gleason Publications, Fox Feature Syndicate, Fawcett Publications and many more.

However, unlike Marvel and DC Comics (then known as Timely Comics and National Comics), these companies did not survive to the present day.

As such, many of their characters have fallen into the public domain. In recent years the Golden Age Daredevil has appeared in Image Comics ‘Savage Dragon’ and many characters have appeared in Dynamite’s ‘Projects: Superpowers’.

Sometimes, due to trademarking issues, they’ve been published under a different name. In ‘Project: Superpowers’ Daredevil is known as The Death Defying ‘Devil and the Blue Beetle goes by the name Big Blue. But they are essentially the same characters.

Well, a new indie anthology is launching, which is going to feature public domain superheroes as well. They are accepting pitches from writer and artist teams now.

You are required to submit a one page pitch, along with details about the creative team and the character that you are planning on using, plus a signed release.

The deadline for pitches is Saturday the 18th of June.

Here is a link to their website; http://not-forgotten-anthology.tumblr.com/