A Tivian from the comic book ‘Conqueror’ by Paul Penna and Kean Kennedy.

I’ve been writing my Résumé for DC Comic’s Talent Development Workshop and it’s given me a chance to look back on my past work, even as I eagerly look forward to the future.

Below you will find my bibliography, showing all of my published work to date.


 100% Biodegradable #7                                                           February, 2015                 Biomekazoik Publishing                                                                                                    “Projections” (Reprint)

 SPOD! Oddities From Space                                                             June, 2014                    “The Spire”                                                                                                                              “Instincts”

 Something Wicked #9                                                           November, 2013                   FutureQuake Publishing                                                                                                               “Bound”

 FutureQuake #23                                                                              July, 2013                           FutureQuake Publishing                                                                                                    “Interpretations”

 Conqueror #1                                                                          March, 2013                                 What the Flux?! Comics                                                                                                      “Conquered” Part One                                                                                                        “Conquered” Part Two

 FutureQuake #20                                                                            March, 2012                  FutureQuake Publishing                                                                                                     “Projections”

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