Breaking Into Comics: Women of Darby Pop

Women of Darby Pop Anthology

Women of Darby Pop Anthology

Darby Pop Publishing is hosting their second Talent Hunt. Last year, their Talent Hunt resulted in the publication of the Indestructible: Stingray #1 one shot.

This year they are putting together an anthology featuring their female characters. You have the option of using characters from Indestructible, City: The Mind in the Machine, The 7th Sword, Doberman, Dead Squad, Side-Kicked, Dead Man’s Party, and/or Fake Empire.

Each strip featured in the anthology will be one to four pages long. This way, Darby Pop hopes to feature a few new writers, giving a number of individuals the opportunity to break into the industry.

You must submit a complete script.

You may also make multiple submissions (please submit separately).

The anthology is open to artists too, who will need to send a pin-up or sequential page featuring a female Darby Pop character. They also need one to two pages of sample sequential art (this need not feature Darby Pop characters).

Full details are available here;

The deadline for submissions is the 13th of May, 2016.

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