British Showcase Anthology Volume 2

British Showcase Anthology Volume 1

British Showcase Anthology Volume 1

The British Showcase Anthology is an indie press book dedicated to showcasing British talent. Stories are to be between four to ten pages long.

Writers and artists can submit as a team or separately.

The audience is teen plus, so must be suitable. Any genre is welcome.

You can find the Facebook page here;

And the submissions guidelines are here;

The deadline for volume 2 is the 1st of February 2016.

If you are a British comic book creator, I encourage you to submit.


Cyberforce Artifacts on Webtoons!!


Cyberforce #1 Cover.

The story continues! That’s right. Top Cow has begun releasing NEW episodes of Cyberforce on Webtoons.

The new story arc is titled ‘Artifacts’ and the first part was released on December the 3rd.

This is an official story and thus part of official continuity.

If you are entering the Top Cow Talent Hunt or even if you’re just a fan, you should go check it out.

Visit Webtoons here –

Top Cow Talent Hunt FAQ

Top Cow Productions is a partner studio in Image Comics.

Top Cow Productions is a partner studio in Image Comics.

Howdy all. With the first deadline for the 2016 Top Cow Talent Hunt approaching, I thought I would compile a FAQ of all the questions and answers from the previous 2015 and current 2016 Talent Hunt threads.

I’m sure people will nervously be checking their stories, so it might be useful to have a few answers close to hand.

Answers are provided by Matt Hawkins (writer of Cyber Force, Aphrodite IX and the IXth Generation), Ryan Cady (Assistant Editor) and Paul Penna (Writing Runner Up and continuity geek).

Top Cow Talent Hunt 2015

Q Previous talent hunts have included particular guidelines about the format of the story, such as it being a story told of a past Darkness or Witchblade wielder or the tale of a minor artifact wielder after reality was rewritten. I don’t see any such story guidelines this time. Does that mean that we have free reign to tell any kind of story we wish as long as we restrict ourselves to the particular characters on the list? 

Paul Penna According to the pdf (click the link in the article to download) we can use any character; past, present or future.

Also, along with the Artifact characters (Witchblade, The Darkness, The Angelus, Tom Judge etc) we can use any characters featured in the 2012 – 2014 versions of Cyber Force and Aphrodite IX.


Q Actually, it says you can use only those characters listed but past, present, or future VERSIONS of them are allowed. Not any character at all. Still a pretty big list.

Paul Penna While Cyber Force and Aphrodite IX are specific characters, the thirteen Artifacts have had multiple bearers.

Unless you thought I meant any characters at all? Then yes, it does say they need to be Top Cow Universe characters. No Batman, Superman etc.

As with the last Talent Hunt, you can create original characters to feature in the story but you are discouraged from doing so as your script will be considered derivative work and thus, Top Cow will take ownership of said characters.

You’re also encouraged to focus on a single character.

The list of characters that can be used are;

The Darkness
The Angelus
Heart Stone
Wheel of Shadows
Coin of Solomon
Ember Stone
Pandora’s Box
The Glacier Stone
Spear of Destiny
The Thirteenth Artifact
The Rapture
The Blood Sword
Aphrodite XI
Cyber Force

Script should be twenty-two pages long, no synopsis to be submitted.

There are sample scripts included for artists, but obviously I can’t re-post those here. However, if you’re a writer and are having trouble downloading, that should be enough to go on for the moment. The pdf is pretty similar to the previous versions of the Talent Hunt. If anything, we just have more freedom.


Q Further source of confusion is that “artifacts” are being called “characters”. Obviously a past or future bearer of an ARTIFACT as is probably a new CHARACTER–in fact, IIRC, last year we were supposed to make up a “new” past or future bearer of one of the artifacts. That’s certainly what I did. And yet other people in this thread are saying things like “As with the last Talent Hunt, you can create original characters to feature in the story but you are discouraged from doing so…” This makes me wonder if I misunderstood the guidelines last year. Were we strongly discouraged from creating original CHARACTERS (not ARTIFACTS)? I thought we were supposed to create original characters using existing artifacts.

Paul Penna I used an existing historical character last year, but yeah, I’ve taken it to mean that you can create a new past or future bearer… they just need to be the bearer of an existing Artifact.

The main reason that new characters were discouraged last year (and again this year) is because Top Cow would assume the rights to the character. And this is something a new creator might not be aware of or want. And, obviously, Top Cow doesn’t want creators claiming that their characters have been stolen. This is why it has been made so clear.

Personally, I wouldn’t use any characters that I’ve previously created and want to hold onto. But I would create a new character if I came up with one for a story set in the Top Cow Universe that demanded that a new character be created. I wouldn’t be worried about Top Cow having the rights to such a character because I would’ve created said character for the Top Cow Universe.


Q The rules about which “characters” we can use are a little confusing. At one point the PDF says that any submissions that feature “those characters [listed] AND other characters not on the list will not be reviewed and their submission will be disregarded.” Taken literally, this would suggest that there can’t be supporting characters in the script that are not existing Top Cow characters included in the list given. Can this actually be what is meant, or am I taking this too literally? (When the rules say that violations of the rules won’t even be reviewed, and will be thrown away, it makes me want to make sure I understand the rules properly!)

Paul Penna I think they are referring to characters like Batman here. Like, say, if you were to write a Darkness/Batman crossover. That wouldn’t be allowed. The stories need to be based on these characters (and by these ‘characters’ they mean bearers of the Artifacts, pre-existing or newly created), not other existing properties or entirely new properties.

So, you can create a new character if they are the bearer of an Artifact or a cyborg existing alongside Cyber Force but not an entirely new concept.

That would be my interpretation, anyway.

Matt Hawkins This was added as a response to people asking me why they could NOT create new characters. In the first year we specifically forbade it because why give away your own creations? You can’t use characters from other companies. Our preference would be you use the existing characters. I added this last year specifically by request. I would not do it. No way I’d create new characters for a company on a pure work-for-hire basis, but that’s me. Some people don’t care. I just want it to be clear that if someone DOES create a new bearer for the Witchblade and that person DOES win then they are giving Top Cow that character as part of the rules of the contest. I think the language might have been me trying to be too clear which made it confusing. Sorry about that.

Ryan Cady Fret not. You ARE taking things a tad too literally. I see other members have effectively answered your questions, but I also wanted to reassure you – NO entires were discarded without being looked at. I read through every single one of them.


Q Couple of questions. How many pages are we allow to summit? How many time can we summit work? Whats the deadline? I already downloaded the documents and I didn’t see any info on those questions.

Paul Penna It says it’s a twenty-two page script (although, this usually results in more actual pages being written as part of a word document).

I don’t know if we’re allowed multiple entries or not this year, although it has been allowed in previous years. If you’re referring to a single entry, they’ll only want the final finished document. Only submit it once, if you’re unsure and think you might want to rewrite it, wait until the deadline to submit.

The Talent Hunt will run 10/15/14 to 03/15/15 (or 15/10/14 to 15/03/15, if you’re British like I am ). That means we have until the 15th of March next year.


Q What makes me nervous is that we should have to interpret the rules at all, since a misinterpretation would result in disqualification.

Paul Penna To quote ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ – “Don’t Panic!”

The people at Top Cow aren’t trying to catch anyone out. They’re doing this to give new writers an opportunity, not to trip them up. They’re not going to be looking for ways to disqualify anyone. If you write a really awesome story, then they’re going to want to publish it.

Just use common sense. No world changing events, nothing that will disrupt Top Cow’s current plans for their titles etc and don’t use characters which Top Cow don’t own (DC Comics own Batman, so Top Cow won’t be able to publish a story that has Batman in it. Common sense). Create a story based on one of their existing concepts, as listed.

As for the new character thing, I can say with absolute certainty what they’re worried about is a writer putting a character into a story that they don’t want to lose the rights to. That is why that warning is there and for no other reason. That involves a lot of hassle for both parties, which is what they want to avoid.

If Top Cow were going to disqualify people for creating new characters, then they wouldn’t give people the option of creating new characters. This is purely about you giving up the rights to any new characters you create.

That, and, you should be creating a story based on a Top Cow property. Yeah, you can create new characters, but they don’t want you to create a story where we see the Coin of Solomon for a single panel and then the rest is something entirely of your own invention. If you write an Artifacts story, make it an Artifacts story. If you write a Cyber Force story, make it a Cyber Force story.

Again, most of this is common sense, and things most people would do anyway. They’re just spelling things out to avoid potential problems in the future.

You can put a new character in, just be aware that Top Cow will own that character, should they choose to publish your story. If you’re cool with that, then use new characters. If not, then stick to the characters Top Cow have already created. There are plenty to choose from.

This is an amazing opportunity Top Cow is giving everyone. Yeah, you should take all the rules on board but once you’ve done that, stop worrying and just focus on writing the most fantastic story you can.


Q The pdf doesn’t specify how many sequential pages should be submitted by artists. Is there a specific amount or range?

Matt Hawkins 8 pages minimum of sequential work. That was in the PDF might have been cropped out, sorry about that.


Q I am very confused about this as well. In fact, I understand how to submit a comic if I wanted to submit for writing I am all set, that is all well explained. Unfortunately, I wanted to submit as an artist/penciller and after reading the rules I still have no idea what I am supposed to be doing? I cannot open any of the samples scripts. Can anyone let me know what to use? I tried using Adobe and Windows Doc and neither worked. Am I supposed to pick one of these scripts to draw from? Do I just make up my own Witchblade story and draw that? And do I have to include the script I wrote? Very confused and I have no idea how to start this at all. How many pages??

Matt Hawkins Yes, artists need to work from one of the provided sample scripts. The sole exception is if an artist teams up with a writer FOR the Talent Hunt and they illustrate 8 pages of that Talent Hunt script. If this is done, both need to submit together and both submissions should indicate that this is what was done.


Q This will be my third Talent Hunt. One thing I’ve been very curious about is continuity; have the winners’ submissions chronologically fit in the timelines of their respective books? Or have their submissions just earned them the opportunity to write a new issue within the timeline? I’ve been trying to kind of balance the two, and I’m not sure which way to lean continuity-wise, between timeline-sensitive and completely isolated.

Thanks for any answer you can give.

Matt Hawkins We’ve been lenient on this. If something dramatically counters continuity we’ve dropped it in the no pile. My best suggestion would be to do something easy, a story based on character and a single plot point or two. Keep it simple. I really liked the Artifacts 39 story from the last year’s Talent Hunt. That winner wrote a bedtime story where Jackie told Hope about the first Darkness bearer. At the end of it when she asked if that was true, he said nope, he made it all up. That’s in Jackie’s character, kind of funny and works well as a one shot story. Nominal nods to continuity or storylines of the comics is good, but don’t do anything earth shattering. Don’t blow up a city, kill a major character, do something that we’d have to explain in the regular books. The only two you really need to worry about that with are Aphodite IX and Witchblade. There aren’t regular publications of the others.


Q Previous talent hunts have included particular guidelines about the format of the story, such as it being a story told of a past Darkness or Witchblade wielder or the tale of a minor artifact wielder after reality was rewritten. I don’t see any such story guidelines this time. Does that mean that we have free reign to tell any kind of story we wish as long as we restrict ourselves to the particular characters on the list?

Ryan Cady Essentially, yes! This is your opportunity to tell a self-contained story within the Top Cow Universe. Matt’s advice on creating new characters (be wary) and messing with continuity (usually a bad idea) within the rules are the best advice we can give concerning what story you’ll tell.


Q Another question. Last year someone asked in the forums if we are allowed to submit more than one submission. At first the answer given was “no”, and then this was retracted and changed to “yes”. I’ve just looked through the guidelines for this year and can’t seem to find this addressed, so I’m wondering if multiple submissions are allowed again this year.

Ryan Cady It’s not against the rules, but I wouldn’t say it really increases your chances of winning.

Personally, I’d say to focus on making one really solid submission that will stand out above the rest.


Q Dear Top Cow Team, I was wondering if I could use parallel realities for my writers submission. I see that the rules are “We’ve decided to open it up a bit this year and your submission can feature any present, past, or future versions of the Top Cow Universe characters using 13 Artifacts from this list or any of the characters featured in the 2012-2014 publications of Aphrodite IX or Cyber Force.” But was wondering if a parallel universe could be allowed? Specifically a past use of an artifact with a new character set in a parallel world.

Ryan Cady I would STRONGLY advise against something that intricate, Shawn. Especially since in our continuity we haven’t really explored parallel realities all that much.


Q Hi. Just checking if it is all right to submit digital pencils/inks.

Ryan Cady Of course! Send ’em on over!


Q I’m thinking about writing and drawing a “Cyber Force” story, but using the original incarnation of the group not the new version. I would include both the script and obviously the penciled art. Just making sure that would be all right…

Ryan Cady I’m afraid that for art submissions, we’re only considering submissions based on the scripts we sent out in the rules zip.

Ryan Cady Hi all – quick note. I may have personally given some false information in replies to a couple folks.

We ARE allowing artists and writers to team up – if you want to write a 22 page script and have your artist buddy draw at least 8 pages of it, that’s A-OKAY. Just remember – at least 8 sequential pages per story.

Sorry for any confusion caused on my part!


Q I have a question. Is it ok if I pick pages from more than one script. For exampe 5 pages from the Witchblade sample script, the 5 pages from the Cyber Force script and then 5 pages from a writer (Colaboration) who is also going the talent hunt? And then send these 15 pages as single submission?

Ryan Cady As for including multiple story submissions, well, we need at least 8 sequential pages from the same story. If you’d like to do 8 of several that’s fine but we HAVE to have 8 pages of the same story, to accurately gauge consistent and varied storytelling on our terms.


Q So, I can write and draw my own submission then?

Ryan Cady Yes, I was mistaken when I said you couldn’t.

Just be sure to submit both the script as a writer, and the art as an artist (obviously).


Q Thank you for this opportunity. I am a big fan of some artists, so I have some reference books — HunterKiller/Cyberforce, Cyberforce Mini… Is there a reference series or book(s) that lists the heights of the characters? Relative size charts? I remember reading the Witchblade Characters’ heights somewhere — but I can’t recall where and some characters I am less familiar with like the Artifact bearers. Thank you in advance.

Ryan Cady Those MIGHT be in the Top Cow Bible. That’s the only book I can think of that would have such a list/comparison.


Q Hi, as to future Witchblade bearers: I’d like to know if the rights of Takeru (from the manga) and Masane Amaha (from the anime) characters are with Top Cow and are thus usable.
It’s not a problem if they’re not, just narrowing down options.
Thanks in advance.

Ryan Cady Unfortunately, Takeru and Masane are not canon Top Cow characters, and I would advise against using them.

Ryan Cady I would advise against using Takeru and Masane.


Q Let’s say hypothetically that I finish the first script I start writing, doing everything I can to make it as good as possible, not rushing at all, but I still have time left over to write another script with an equal amount of care. Let’s even say hypothetically that I have time for three or four scripts. Wouldn’t this increase my chances because the people reviewing the scripts might just not be into what I was trying to do in one script, but one of the other scripts might appeal to them more, based on their own taste or mood, or even based on which of the scripts comes closest to nailing the themes and style that Top Cow is looking to publish?

Ryan Cady There’s no rule against submitting multiple scripts – I’m just giving you advice based on the years of submissions I’ve read. Hypothetically, write as many as you want.


Q There is the information on page…ticle&id=56336 that on link we could find five sample scripts for artists to use and the submission agreement, but there are seven (Artifacts #8, Artifacts #7, Artifacts#5, Artifacts #6, Artifacts#12, Cyber Force #1 and Witchblade #134) and six of them appears the following message on the top: “This is a recap page using art from previous issues, so nothing for you to draw here.” I want to know if it is correct, can I use anyone of these samples scripts for my submission?

Ryan Cady You would not draw a recap page. When a recap page appears in a script, the editorial team takes care of that.

Any of the scripts we have for download in this link are fair game.


Q Do we need to provide some type of recap/intro page? My story referencing something that happened in a recent Witchblade issue, so I wasn’t sure if that needed to be added to the script.

Ryan Cady Just note that as the first page being a recap page.


Q If we get professional work before the end of the contest, does that disqualify us from participating in the contest?

Ryan Cady If you get professional work after you’ve turned in your submission/submission agreement, this shouldn’t be a problem.

However, if you’ve got a professional gig right now and you’re already locked into it (even if it’s not being published until after the submission), that does sort of go against the spirit of the thing, now doesn’t it?


Q I was brushing up on some of the minor characters in Cyber Force and realized that a few of them were based on real-life Kickstarter supporters. Are we allowed to write about these characters, or does Top Cow have some kind of agreement with the supporters regarding how they will be portrayed, how many appearances they’ll make,or anything like that?

Ryan Cady Feel free to use them.


Q Hello, Does any antagonist also have to be a Top Cow veteran if we write conflict into our scripts? Such as, if we create a conflict between two characters, would it have to be The Darkness vs The Angelus? Can we create an original antagonist to be defeated by the Top Cow character/s.

I understand the creation guidelines stating that anything created for this submission is Top Cow’s property and won’t lead to future compensation.

Thank you!

Ryan Cady Knowing that anything you create is Top Cow’s property, it’s perfectly acceptable to create original antagonists.


Q I know you can make a story about past bearers and it should use one of the 13 Artifacts. I’m just a little confused about the continuity? So, let’s say I’ll write a story starring Danielle Baptise. Am i allowed to make a story set in her time as the Witchblade? Or even as the Angelus? A little one shot during that era/time of her life? Or does if I want to use her, does the story have to follow her as she is know in the current “world” with Finch as the Angelus?

Another question, can we play around with things like the bearers of certain artifacts in a new way? For example, I want to write a story about Danielle Baptise getting a hold of the Wheel of Shadows for one issue? Would that be acceptable as well?

Ryan Cady Writing pre-Rebirth is okay, but the more within established continuity, the better. I wouldn’t discount a story outright, for example, if it featured Dani as the Witchblade/Angelus – but suppose I had two stories of equal quality:

One features current continuity Dani as Detective Baptise and Finch as Angelus, and the other features Dani as the Witchblade in the pre-Rebirth continuity. If both of those stories were written equally well, I’d probably select the current continuity one over the pre-Rebirth one. Make sense?

Dani getting the Wheel of Shadows might be cool – but remember, the more you futz with the continuity, the more you’re playing with fire.


Q Hey @TopCowRyan, not sure if my post was responded to or not, I searched but probably overlooked it. Anyway, I was looking at the scripts in the download and the guidelines and rules for the submission and noticed that the scripts should be submitted in the format provided in the examples on the link of the rules page, and on the acceptable files it says PDF or Final Draft. My question is if I(or any one else using Final Draft) submits the script(s) in will it be accepted if it is submitted using the default Final draft format, action and descriptions in normal page format, Character dialogue center of page, or do they HAVE to be submitted in the scripting format of everything written left of page?

Ryan Cady They don’t have to be written left of center if you’re using Final Draft.

Personally, I would really prefer files to be sent as .doc, .rtf, or .pdf. Final Draft is kind of a pain in the butt, since not every computer has it. That being said, I will not discount or mark down anyone for using Final Draft. Just stating a preference as it can kind of inconvenience me as the script-reader. But if you have a lot of experience in Final Draft and prefer using it, go ahead.


Q Hey Ryan, what format would you guys like the art submissions to be? Your rules state you want an email submission and the max size of attachment is 10mb. As an example, would it be best to compile the pages into a pdf with the first page the signed submission agreement. Or is an external link actually preferable? And is there a naming convention for the files you guys would prefer for organization, ie RyanCady_TopCowTalentHunt2015.pdf?

Ryan Cady Lo Res jpgs in compressed .zip file are pretty convenient, as are lo res PDF. External links can be a little inconvenient for this sort of thing. That naming convention is perfect, except make it TalentHunt2014, since that’s the year in which we’ve begun.


Q Hey, just a quick question (you guys are doing great at covering most of it): if you do a future story, can it be large in scope like the Edge of Spiderverse mini Marvel is doing now? One of my story ideas would have to be set in a very different world. And if we want to do a fake recap page, does that count towards the page count? No problem if it does. 

Ryan Cady Spider-verse style stuff is tricky – alt-universe is pretty unlikely to be chosen, as that’s not technically past-present-or-future. Recaps, fake or otherwise, do count! As for large in scope, well, just remember – the more you play around with continuity, the more dangerous the game becomes. After all, Aphrodite IX and IXth Generation take place in the future of the TCU, so there’s a whole lotta timeline goin’ on.


Q Last year, I found out too late about the talent search to have time to put together a script, so I promised myself that if there was another talent search this year, I would submit. I have a few questions, though.

1) In the talent search guidelines, I noticed that there was a list of publishers that excluded someone from participating. If we’ve been published by a comic book company, and that company was not included in that list, then I assume submitting a script is fair game. Is that correct?

2) For the twenty-two-page script, you mention including “recap page” as page one. Does that go toward the twenty-two pages? In my mind, the recap page does not count, but I wanted to make sure Top Cow had the same perspective on the idea of story pages.

3) In the e-mail that we send our script, would you like a short bio/background section in terms of writing experience or past publications, or do you simply prefer a “Hi, my name is ______. This is my script for the Top Cow Talent Search” and simply attach the script in a document?

Ryan Cady You’re on time this year!

1. If it’s not on the list, you’re good to go!
2. Recap pages do count as part of the 22.
3. A short bio wouldn’t hurt you, but generally a greeting is all that’s required.

Cordiality is key!


Q I meant as in the world is fully established in one issue, but despite story threads being left, is a one-shot/contained story. Probably a better example would be the Swamp Thing Future’s End issue. I didn’t mean alternate reality, just a drastically changed near future Top Cow universe.

Ryan Cady I loved the Swamp Thing Future’s End issue.

That’s the sort of thing where, if you do it well, I could see it being a winner. But you’d have to do it really, really, REALLY well, cause that sort of stuff is full of potential continuity pitfalls.


Q Is it possible to see the submissions from last years talent hunt somewhere?

Ryan Cady We won’t be releasing them to the public, as they were all sent via email and uploading them somewhere would be a logistical nightmare.

Individual submitters are more than welcome to post their scripts online, as long as those scripts were not winners, or if they’ve already been published.


Q Hello,
first of all – thank you for this Talent Hunt, it’s so inspiring!
And my question is – is it important what exact size pages are (is it ok to go with 10×15 inches?) and if the colors are made in cmyk or rgb? Or it doesn’t really matter?

Lightningmax I am certain that all of the numbers are used because this is a print contest. The larger size format is so the art can either be bled to the borders or shifted around as necessary. For the same reason the colors should be CMYK or equivalent. Printed RGB pages can be dark and sometimes will not print as the color chosen at all — gamut ratings in Photoshop shows that sort of thing. Furthermore, if you are a total digital artist and never have had your artwork printed before, print is an altogether different medium it will effect how your artwork looks, you could try to do some research on how your artwork prints. CMYK are the color inks printers mix to print a document, RGB are the lights a monitor mixes to view a document. These two facts change the experience that readers get from each medium. As well as paper brightness, saturation… Printing from a home computer will not be the same as printing with a professional printer. Just a little heads up. Hope this helps.

Ryan Cady Lightning’s on it again. Doin’ my job for me


Q I have a question. Since the Rebirth of the Top Cow universe, do we know the new origin stories of less known artifacts bearers such as the Wheel of Shadows, the coin of Solomon and the thirteenth artifact? Or do you know in which books they might be mentioned?

Ryan Cady Based on the events of Cyberforce/Aphrodite IX, it’s been heavily implied that, in the current timeline, Cyberdata’s chairwoman may have the Coin of Solomon. Wheel of Shadows shows up in Artifacts #35.

If you read the end of Artifacts #13, there’s a grid page that shows all of the Artifacts Bearers in the Rebirth universe.


Q Hi Top Cow Ryan,

I want to write a story based on the Magdalena (Spear of Destiny).

1) Is Patience the current bearer?

2) With 3 volumes, which one(s) are set in the Re-Birth universe?

3) Is there one issue that best describes the character and/or the Artifact?

Thank you.

Ryan Cady Hi there.

1) Yes.

2) The ones that aren’t “Magdalena Origins.” Although I think Patience’s pre-Rebirth origin is the same as her Rebirth origin so it’s sorta technically canonical.

3)I mean, those Magdalena standalone stories make for pretty good source material. Any particularly basic questions about her and the Spear you could find with a Google search.


Q Hey Ryan, how much leeway do artists have in terms of script interpretation? As in, the script calls for a 5 panel page, but I think it’ll work as a 4 panel with 2 panel actions/descriptions condensed into one panel?

Ryan Cady That’s a thing that comes up in the professional circuit – in which case, usually you’d check with the writer first (which isn’t really an option, here).

I’d say that it’s a personal choice – if you REALLY think it makes the page look that much better, go for it, but know that you’re risking a deviation from the writer’s vision which is quite a gamble.


Q The rules say we’re not allowed to resubmit a script submitted in previous years. Does this apply to only the exact same manuscript, or also to rewrites? For instance, with the rules opened up this year, what if we were to take our script from last year, remove the framing sequence, and use the extra couple pages that would free up to do a 22 page rewrite of our main story? (I’d also like to know, if this is allowed, if it’s another “allowed but heavily frowned upon” case.)

Ryan Cady If I can tell it’s a rewrite, it will be rejected.


Q I have a quick question: If I were to write a story and draw the pages of that story, how many pages would be needed to be submitted? And would you require a script along with the pages I’ve drawn? Let me know as soon as you’re able.

Ryan Cady 8 pages of sequential art would need to be submitted…but you’d need to submit a full 22 page script.


Q If we’re writing a story for the new iteration of Cyber Force, can we reinvent characters from the previous universe? For instance, could we create new versions of Emil Zadrok or Mother May I?

Ryan Cady Go for it – just don’t make them feel out of place!


Q Are flashbacks allowed in the rebirth universe? For example Tom Jugde on his early years as a priest? Or a story showing why Baptise became a Cop and not a dancer?

Ryan Cady Heck yeah!


Q “We’ve decided to open it up a bit this year and your submission can feature any present, past, or future versions of the Top Cow Universe characters using the 13 Artifacts from this list or any of the characters featured in the 2012-2014 publications of Aphrodite IX or Cyber Force.”

Just to be clear on the underlined part: if we use Aphrodite or one of the Cyber Force characters–do one of the 13 artifacts need to be part of the story?

Ryan Cady They can be, but there’s no need for them to be involved at all!


Q Are writing teams acceptable? I didn’t see anything in the rules, but I’m also an idiot. I assumed it was alright, so long as both writers turned in copies of the Submission Agreement.

Ryan Cady Nothing wrong with writing teams. You’re good!


Q I got a question. As an artist I know i have to submit 8 sequential pages using the test scripts you have provided, after I read them I’ve decanted for that scene of Jin killing that gang of “badies” but its only 5 pages length. the next 3 pages is a figth of CF and it seem like a mess without beginning nor ending. I like to draw another scene from the test scripts to complete the minimun of pages for review. Can I do that?

Ryan Cady Unfortunately, we’re holding firm on at least 8 sequential pages at least per script.


Q It says in the guidelines we can use any of the past, present or future bearers of any of the Artifacts. Does that mean a character who’s currently using the artifact has to be the main character?

1.) Like, let’s say, if I want to make a Detective Baptise solo story where Finch/Angelus isn’t featured (or just briefly seen), is that okay? Can I just do a story featuring and exploring the character of Dani in the reborn universe? Or does one of the bearers of the artifacts have to be at the very least, co-featured?

2.) If I read the rules right, this is probably acceptable, but if we find new ways for specific Artifact users to use their powers/minions in a way they haven’t done before, but it doesn’t exactly go against their powers/the rules of their powers, that’s cool right? Experimentation, trying to explore new stuff with these characters is okay, right?

Ryan Cady 1) Of course.

2) Perfectly acceptable!


Okay! That’s ten pages in to the 2015 Talent Hunt thread. I will hopefully be updating this page soon (as time allows). To be continued…