New writers for 2000AD are required to write 'Future Shocks'.

New writers for 2000AD are required to write ‘Future Shocks’.

Breaking into writing professionally. That is the dream for a lot of us. But many companies like Marvel or DC Comics do not allow direct writing submissions. You are simply required to go out, create your own stuff and be discovered.

However, that is not true of all comic book companies.

Here, in the UK, is a publisher called Rebellion who publish a magazine called 2000AD. I’m sure a lot of you will be familiar with 2000AD’s most famous character – Judge Dredd.

2000AD is rare, in that it does open up submissions to writers (and artists) each year, the date you can submit this year?

September 14th.

So, what will you be submitting? Well, 2000AD’s submissions policy is very specific. They require you to write Future Shocks which are stories that are self-contained, set in the science fiction genre, four pages in length and have a twist ending.

The twist is the tricky bit. If you want to write for 2000AD, then you’re going to have to come up with something truly surprising.

Here is the outline for 2000AD’s submissions, along with script examples that can be downloaded –

If you’re looking for examples of Future Shocks, then pick up a copy of 2000AD, they are a regular feature. Alternatively, 2000AD has put out two collections of Future Shocks. They are The Best of Tharg’s Future Shocks and The Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks.

So, my fellow writers, get reading and get submitting.

Good luck.

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